A Mood Board for a Monday | Fall-ing into Color

A Mood Board for a Monday | Fall-ing into Color

Just because the Fall season is upon us doesn’t mean that colors have to be drab and boring. I think that Fall is the perfect time to bring more color into our wardrobes, living spaces, or  parties. Color cheers us up on otherwise overcast and rainy days.

Here is a mood board that I’m excited to share: pale shades of butter and lavender that get brightened with a pop of tangerine. Warm coffee tones serve not only as neutrals, but also to keep the brights from feeling too much like spring and summer.

It’s a lively and fun palette that gives a nod to Fall in the brown color family, but takes a light skipping step away from the traditional sunflowers and pumpkins. I like my color palettes to be unusual and interesting – I hope you’ll find that they are, as well.

By the way – I must have been craving sweets when I named the colors. They’re all named after desserts!

Mood board based on orange, mauve, butter & mocha colors

clockwise, from top left:  ingehg |isharya at net-a-porter | dusan reljin | antonella arismendi | andrea hearts

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