About Me


I’m so glad you’re here and big warm Welcome!

My name is Lumen, and I currently live in Los Angeles. I’m a designer, stylist and content creator and I’m here to inspire you!

I moved to LA from San Francisco to work in Fashion after getting my degree in Interior Design 10 years ago. I’ve worked as a successful creative director, stylist, and trend reporter in the Fashion industry. I’ve worked for BCBG, Johnny Was, and Velvet Heart have created top selling designs for Anthropologie. I've been involved in fashion from the corporate side to the start-up side. It was in 2013 after I launched the very first online active-wear collection for Ellie.com that I was bitten by all things social media & start-ups and I haven't looked back since!

While I love working with my clients and helping them either re-brand or re-strategize, I also needed my own creative outlet. I started my Instagram account in 2017 - so late, I know! - to share my home, as well as my personal decorating style.

Little did I realize that starting my account in July of 2017 would open up such an amazing world to me where I would meet incredible people from all over the world – people such as YOU! I realized shortly after how much joy it gave me to connect with you and to inspire you. So this is why I am here: to Create. Connect. Inspire.

So please settle into one of my cozy cushions, get comfy and come stay a while…let’s get to know each other!

In the meantime, continue reading for some...

10 Random Facts about Me:

I got my BFA in Interior Design but worked professionally in Fashion Design.
I love the beach! One of my favorite things to do is go biking on the beach or taking walks to collect sea shells!
I’m a yogi and have taught privately to athletes.
I was a tomboy growing up! Dolphin shorts & muscle tees were my favorite things to wear!
I can eat sushi almost every day! Blue crab hand rolls are my favorite!
I grew up and lived in the Midwest – Cincinnati, Ohio – until I was 12.
I’ve had a mad crush on fringe and tassels for as long as I can remember!
I started a color mood blog years ago as a hobby that you can check out here: http://seekingthemuse.com/
I love taking road trips to discover hidden gems.
I love sunsets! I’ve been known to veer off course while driving to go chase a sunset!