At Your Leisure

At Your Leisure

I recently found out about a very special zine called At Your Leisure through one of my weekly reads, decor8. I love magazines. I love independent magazines. I love independent magazines that do a brilliant job of combining fashion, design and decor.

Add to that a zine that combines all of these 3 with a color story??? Yes please!!

I ordered my copy of At Your Leisure and it arrived the next day. When I first opened the weighty cardboard envelope, I found a nice little surprise along with the zine. It was an envelope handstamped with the J3 Productions logo – the agency that produces At Your Leisure. The envelope not only bore a little gift that echoed some of the graphic elements of the zine, but it also came in a beautiful shade of aqua echoing those found on the company website.

I leafed through the pages and rather than putting it down and setting it aside for later, I immediately sat down with it. It’s an evocative and inspiring zine full of images that took me on a little journey. Sounds corny, I know. But it’s very rare these days that I can leaf through a printed magazine from cover to cover and truly get absorbed by the art direction.

What I really loved about it is how the current issue reflects the mood of the J3 Productions website. I’m not a huge fan of Flash sites. If the images take too long to load, I usually skip them altogether. But for their site, I found myself refreshing the splash page several times. The images load quickly! The images are also crazy beautiful! Here a couple that grabbed my attention:

In the zine itself, these are some images you can find in the second issue of At Your Leisure’s current incarnation:

The art direction is so fresh and inspiring. I love the consistent use of color stories throughout. And while there were pretty images, it’s easily a zine that a man can also enjoy. It can be difficult to capture an audience with aesthetics that cater to both masculine and feminine sensibilities, but At Your Leisure manages to with great verve. So go get yourself a copy – if you find yourself moved by color the way I am, I know you will be happy with this inspired project.

And just so I don’t leave you all without a mood board, here is a color scheme I pulled from one of the gorgeous graphics on the J3 Productions site. I’m taken by how the tones of marine blues and greens seamlessly blend together – what a great expression of color! I’ll be looking forward to future issues of this special project. There’s been a lot of love put into At Your Leisure and I fully appreciate all the special details that makes it unique.

Enjoy and do support this beautiful zine – I know you will be as thrilled with it as I was!

Mood board based on At Your Leisure photo spread shoot, lagoon, sky, mermaid, seagrass, kelp


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