Mood Board | Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Mood Board | Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Happy Happy 2010!

I’m on the east coast right now and it’s been a great change to experience seasons other than Los Angeles weather. I’ve been wearing my scarf, hat, gloves, and thick shearling coat for the last week and a half. Living in LA can make you forget that there are seasons outside of our palm-treed and 75 degree city. I wouldn’t want to shovel a sidewalk every time it snowed, but I really don’t mind layering up when the weather is brisk and chilly.

I will have to unfortunately scale back on how often I post my mood boards. I have a terribly exciting new project in the works that will be taking up a great deal of my time. Once I have more of my time logistics worked out, I will resume with more boards.

In the meantime, enjoy the first of this year’s mood board and stay warm!

Mood board based on January wintry whites and cool blues.

clockwise, from top left: audrey hepburn complex | frances janisch | amy nietorebecca thussamy atlas | thoughtful day

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