Color Series | 227 | Erik Madigan Heck |

Color Series | 227 | Erik Madigan Heck |

Happy 2013!

I wanted to start off this new year with a series of color boards dedicated to the color emerald! Pantone is naming color #17-5641 the color of the year. You’ll be seeing it everywhere in fashion and in interiors. Some of you have already seen it on the red carpet in gowns, accessories, and jewelry. Emerald is a rich color that connotes elegance, mystery, and beauty. Dorothy sought the Emerald City in The Wizard of Oz and Cleopatra was well known for being an admirer of emeralds.

Gems are always a great inspiration for color. Following along with emerald, you’ll be seeing other greens such as jade and peridot becoming more popular this year. I love combining citrine, brass, or gold accents with emerald. The tones play well off of each other and gives a richness to emerald that makes it so alluring.


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