Mid Week Mood Board | Night Magic

Mid Week Mood Board | Night Magic

Continuing on some Halloween inspiration, here is a mood board full of dramatic color and dark imagery.

The top left image by fashion photographer Yelena Yemchuk inspired me to create this mood board. As with many of Yelena’s other images, it’s brooding and mysterious. I decided to create a board around colors that were dark and rich, using a deep, almost-black navy as a base color. A light and medium hue of periwinkle adds layering to the navy base color. Red and medium pink add color contrast and highlight.

How perfect is this palette for not only a Halloween occasion, but also for any other event to evoke a dramatic, rich, and moody feel.

Mood board based on red, midnight blue, and pink.

clockwise, from top left: yelena yemchuk | chris everard | thomas couderc & clement vauchez via booooooom | 77dmj | pygmeestyle via weheartit

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0 thoughts on “Mid Week Mood Board | Night Magic”

  • Night Magic – seems to be very spellbinding, mysterious and edgy, with just a hint of color to bring it to life. As if somebody had cast a spell.

    I must say this mood board is very trend forward, seeing that we are in a vampire magic period right now. With the movie Twilights New Moon and the TV show The Vampire Diaries.

    The images do conjure up a very mysterious dark side with a twist.

    The bird with that piercing red eye is very haunting. The image in the lower right, of the beautiful young maiden seemingly morphing into a cat. Kind of like a werewolf. Finished off by the classic image of the ruby slippers. What a perfect finishing touch.

    A very well put together piece with great colors and images, to spark the imagination.

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